"Western Mass" Campaign Goes Forward After Critics Slammed First Slogan

Jun 30, 2017

Marketers of Western Massachusetts are moving forward with their rebranding campaign to bring more tourists and workers to the region -- after changing the slogan to appease local critics.

After spending $80,000 dollars on consultants, economic development officials ended up with a slogan most locals have long used to describe where they live -- "Western Mass." That's after critics slammed the proposed term of "West Mass".

Rick Sullivan of the Western Mass Economic Development Council says trying to give the region a snappier name was a miscalculation.

"I think it is absolutely fair to say we were struck by the large amount of opinions and pushback, quite frankly," said Sullivan. "But not surprised by the fact that people are passionate about the place we call home."

Sullivan said they don't plan to change the style of the logo, even though some people also criticized its simple, block-letter font.

He said they've already started to change over website logos and newsletter banners and, over the next year, will roll out billboards, TV ads, and other media.