Will UMass Go After Kelsey For $1 Million Buyout?

Mar 25, 2017

No word yet from UMass on whether it will try to force Pat Kelsey to pay a $1 million buyout contained in his agreement with the school.

Kelsey signed a letter of intent  last week to lead the UMass men's basketball team, but backed out of the job just a half-hour before an introductory press conference Thursday afternoon.

UMass Athletic Director Ryan Mamford told reporters he didn't know if or when the university will get that money.

"This is so new and fresh that I want to make sure that we have time to sit and talk about that with our university leadership and with Coach Kelsey and his representatives before we make any statement...that may impact that legally," Bamford said Thursday.

Kelsey said in a statement he was returning to his coaching job at Winthrop University, for personal reasons.

In addition to reaching out to the UMass athletic department for an update, we reached out to Winthrop for a comment on the buyout. Neither has responded.