Write-Ins, Banking On Casino Tourism, Electoral College: The Short List

May 11, 2018

We start this week by taking a look at the Massachusetts state Senate seat formerly held by Amherst Democrat Stan Rosenberg. There are now at least four declared candidates: one on the ballot and three write-ins. 

Northampton Mayor David Narkewicz had asked state officials to allow the candidate filing deadline to be extended, but that idea went nowhere.

And we hear from a current state representative who was able to pull off a succesful write-in campaign in 2002.

Some tourism officials in Berkshire County are excited at the prosepects of working with MGM Springfield in helping to market western Mass. There are some, though, who are concerned about what having the casino might mean to nonprofit performing arts groups. 

In Connecticut, lawmakers recently approved a bill that could eventually see the state pledge its electoral votes in presidential elections to the popular vote winner, regardless of what happens in the state. Other states have signed on, but the idea is still a ways from becoming reality. 

Finally, with college commencement season starting, we ask our guests for their advice to soon-to-be new graduates. 


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