Root For Your Radio – Make a Pledge, Plant a Tree!

New England Public Radio and The Connecticut WaterShed Council get results!

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Make a Pledge Now.

Thanks to everyone who made a contribution to support New England Public Radio during our recent Root For Your Radio – Make a Pledge, Plant a Tree campaign! Over $262,000 was raised in support of the programming on WFCR and all-news WNNZ, and 2,627 trees will be planted by partner organizations in Massachusetts, Connecticut and Vermont, thanks to you. A special thanks to the 409 people who made a first time contribution to New England Publc Radio during this fund drive!

This was a huge effort involving so many regional environmental organizations, who will be planting the trees this spring, nursries and donors who supplied the trees for the campaign, and evey contributing listener who made a pledge during the campaign. A complete list of project parters and supporters is below. We’ll be updating this page throughout the spring with progress updates on where trees have been planted, so check back for more information.

Many listeners requested that a tree be planted in honor of someone close to them.  We’ve created a special web page dedicated to these special plantings. Please click here to find your name and and comment.  We’re making updates to this list as we sift through the many pledge forms that came in over the drive, so if you do not see yours listed, please check back soon.

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Project Partners:

The Connecticut River Watershed Council

US Fish and Wildlife Service Silvio O. Conte Refuge

Rotary Club of Springfield, Massachusetts

ReGreen Springfield

Black River Action Team (VT)

City of Middletown Urban Forestry Commission (CT)

Deerfield River Watershed Association (VT and MA)

Hampden Hampshire Conservation District


Project Supporters:

Tarnow Garden Center, Chicopee, MA and Enfield, CT

New England Wetland Plants

New England Environmental, Inc.

O’Reilly, Talbot and Okun

Randall’s Farm and Greenhouse of Ludlow, MA

ABR, Inc.

Hadley Garden Center of Amherst, MA

New England Wild Flower Society’s Nasami Farm

PJ Library

Whole Foods Market



13,000 trees were lost or significantly damaged in Springfield Mass. From the June tornadoes alone, resulting in a reduction of over 7.5 Million gallons per year in rainwater interception and reduced storage of at least 30 million pounds of carbon each year.

2011 Report by City of Springfield (MA) and USDA Forest Service


Why Trees are Important

In addition to being oxygen-producers, trees provide a range of other important benefits to rivers, people and animals in our watershed, including:

Slowing rainwater runoff, reducing flooding, erosion, pollution and recharging aquifers.

Providing important habitat for all kinds of animals, including those that fly, swim and crawl.

Keeping our rivers cool, helping fish and other river life. They do the same thing for our cities and homes.

Capturing carbon dioxide, locking it away in its roots, leaves and wood.

Improving water quality, as well as absorbing and fi ltering pollution from our soil and air.

Creating beautiful places, providing spots to gather, reflect, and enjoy nature.


Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Krajcik of Granby Connecticut! They won a $500 gift certificate to Tarnow Garden Center of Chicopee and Enfield during Sunday’s contest!