Following the death of a man on the Merritt Parkway this month, officials say more tree trimming alongside state highways is needed.

Massachusetts State House.
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This week, the Massachusetts House received a report from its lawyers, which urged changes about how the branch handles sexual harassment allegations against its members and staff. 

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Riders of the Pioneer Valley Transit Authority are crying foul over possible service cuts and fare increases. The PVTA blames a lack of money from the state of Massachusetts.

Handmade bicycle builders and enthusiasts gather in Hartford this weekend for the North American Handmade Bicycle Show. It's the first time the show has been held in New England.

A PVTA bus.
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The Pioneer Valley Transit Authority is once again considering service cuts, to help close a projected $3.1 million budget deficit. Also on the table: a roughly 25 percent fare hike.

The Daily Hampshire Gazette is based in Northampton, Mass.
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We kick off this week with many questions surfacing at The Daily Hampshire Gazette, based in Northampton. Its former executive editor says he was fired for speaking out for higher pay for female journalists, but a number of his former employees are questioning his commitment to the issue. 

Governor Dannel Malloy is introducing a proposal to restore funding for transportation projects.

Lenox State Rep. Smitty Pignatelli (left) and Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker pose for a selfie during a 2015 event in Great Barrington, Mass.
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It appears a commission charged with looking at the future of transportation in Massachusetts will have a representative from Berkshire County. That came after stinging criticism from some western Mass. lawmakers.

Democrat Representative Jason Rojas of East Hartford is proposing a 4 cent increase to the state gasoline tax to help shore up Connecticut’s Special Transportation Fund that’s running out of money.

Attention Drivers: Many of those those freeways you're using may not be free for long. Several states are opening new toll roads this year and rates on many existing turnpikes and tollways are going up.

And the number of toll roads is likely to increase, as the Trump administration's infrastructure plan may force many more states to use them to fund long-standing transportation needs