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When a group of individuals comes together and shares their ideas, talents, and anecdotes in the spirit of interpreting life, when there is song and poetry and when there is wit in conversation, then we say that a Tertulia has formed. Tertulia on New England Public Radio is the space where a dialogue takes place among Spanish speakers and all those who are interested in Latin American culture and in the music, the arts, the language and the issues of actuality for Latinos in New England. On Tertulia a music lover will find Latin Jazz, Boleros, Salsa, Merengue, Nueva Trova, Tango and Folk music from Puerto Rico, Central America, Colombia, the Andean Region and Spain. And because there has traditionally been a great exchange of culture and music among the nationalities of the Americas, listeners will sometimes find the Spanish language selection interspersed with music from Brazil, Haiti, Africa and Jamaica. Another element that is a constant on Tertulia is news and public affairs. Topics of importance to the Latino Community are discussed, and a calendar of local events is heard. Host Raquel Obregón often has guests join her for animated conversations on a wide variety of topics. Recent guests have included Manuel Frau Ramos, co-founder and editor of El Sol Latino, Mari Castañeda, Associate Professor of Communications at UMass Amherst and Ilan Stavans, Lewis-Sebring Professor in Latin American and Latino Culture at Amherst College. If you are a Latino or a Latina living in the Western New England area, you can become a participant of Tertulia by tuning in every Sunday from 8:00 P.M. to 10:00 P.M. And, if you are not yet fully acquainted with the richness and beauty of Latin American music and culture you are invited to explore them with us!

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