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We all have a story to tell. The question we ask you in Media Lab is, what story will you tell?

We believe in the power of developing your own narrative through, commentary, feature stories, and other short audio projects that highlight teenage experiences both in and out of High School. With an emphasis on sound quality, recording and interview techniques, studio production, research, editing audio, and writing, students acquire the tools to share the way they view the world.

The Foundation

Media Lab's introductory session runs for twelve weeks. Students meet twice a week after school at New England Public Radio's headquarters in downtown Springfield.  This session offers all of the basics to get students producing their own audio narratives, from writing and interview skills to audio production and editing.  Small class sizes and hands-on instruction gives students total control over their own work.  In a setting that offers a safe space, supportive environment, and the opportunity to have a great deal of fun, students become a part of a growing community at Media Lab.

Ready to let the world know what story you're telling?  Interested in learning audio production and post-production?  Looking to simply try something different by making a difference?  We would love to meet you.

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Credit Joyce Skowyra / NEPR


Media Lab partners with other local organizations and school programs to share its unique approach to storytelling and audio journalism.

A new partnership with The Care Center in Holyoke has students enrolled in the center’s Media Literacy class at Holyoke Community College producing audio story pieces related to their classroom work and life experiences.

The Community Journalism program at Springfield’s Commerce High School involves students from the UMass Journalism program, led by Professor Nicholas McBride. The Community Journalism program and Media Lab have partnered on several joint projects, developing print, audio and visual journalism across the two programs. Through weekly discussions, and project based assignments, this partnership is also collaborating with Ground Truth to share the work the students produce on a national platform.

Learn more about these programs:

Media Lab class editing stories in the Community Room
Credit Joyce Skowyra / NEPR
Advisory Board

Media Lab is building an advisory board that will offer a diverse perspective on the growth and future projects Media Lab will be working on. For more information on this group please contact Media Lab Director Carlos McBride.

Connect with Media Lab

A Love For Anime

Mar 31, 2017
Anime  Media Lab
Creative Commons

NEPR Media Lab graduate, Diamond Jimenez discusses why her love of Anime is more than just watching cartoons.

‘Taking The Risk To Be Myself’

Mar 15, 2017
A debate on a transgender public accommodation bill drew crowds to the Massachusetts Statehouse on June 1, 2016.
Shira Schoenberg / The Republican

The Trump administration recently announced it was withdrawing the protections for transgender students established by President Obama. The decision comes at a tough time for commentator and high school student Jay, who’s known since childhood that he was a boy. The hard part has been trying to convince others that’s who he is.

It’s been obvious since the first day of kindergarten, when my mom dressed me in all pink and I hated it so much. As I saw it, I was the only boy dressed that way. 

Gary Campbell is a senior at Springfield High School for Science and Technology and a participant in NEPR's Media Lab project.
Joyce Skowyra / NEPR

A recent graduate from New England Public Radio’s Media Lab program wrote this piece about his father, who no longer lives at home with him.