Words in Transit Podcast

Western New England is home to immigrants and refugees from around the globe, and their presence revitalizes the region and redefines its culture. Their journeys have involved fear, uprootedness, and isolation as well as perseverance, creativity, and hope. New England Public Radio (NEPR), in collaboration with Copeland Colloquium at Amherst College produced Words in Transit, an oral history project collected the personal stories of nearly thirty people who have made this area their new home.

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Words in Transit
Beth Reynolds / NEPR

Survival includes two stories from refugees from Burundi and the Congo that escaped violence in their homeland.

Beth Reynolds / NEPR

Vira Douangmany Cage and Sovann-Malis Loeung came to the United States as children from south-east Asia-Vira from Laos and Sovann-Malis from Cambodia. Their traumatic journeys and early experiences in a new land continue to impact their lives today.

Beth Reynolds / NEPR

The story of two Iraqi refugees who were granted political asylum to come to the United States.

Beth Reynolds / NEPR

For many immigrants education is important to their transition and future. In episode 3, Heap Sin, from Cambodia, and Woodlyn Joachim, from Haiti, talk about how teachers and education impacted their lives.

Beth Reynolds / NEPR

Stories of two young people that came from El Salvador as children. They talk about their journeys here and the challenges of being undocumented.

Photos by Beth Reynolds / NEPR

John Voci, Executive Director of Programming and Content at New England Public Radio, introduces Words in Transit, a podcast of personal stories of nearly 30 people from around the world who have made their new home in western New England.