Volunteers help answer phones during a pledge drive at New England Public Radio

The next NEPR Fund Drive drive is coming up! Please sign up for shifts on the dates of March 1 through March 11th, when we take to the airwaves again to help raise the money we need to keep our station strong and working properly.  We can’t do it without your help!

If you are interested in learning more about volunteer opportunities, contact Joyce Skowyra at  joyce@nepr.net or call 413-545-3245.


On-Air Fund Raising:  NEPR fund drives take place in February or March, June and October.  Individuals and groups of 4-8 volunteers come to our studios  to take calls for a few hours on the telephone bank.  We provide really great food, free parking here on the UMass Campus in Amherst, MA and there’s always plenty of support throughout the shift.  For groups there’s also team-building, and great community exposure to listeners in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire and New Your State.

Date Program Time Openings


March 1

 Weekend Edition Saturday   8am-11am  0
 Car Talk &  Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me 11am-1pm 5


March 3

Morning  Edition 6am-9am7am-9am 25
 All Things Considered  4pm-6:30pm 6


March 4

Morning  Edition 6am-9am7am-9am 16
All Things Considered 4pm-6.30pm 7


March 5

Morning Edition 6am-9am7am-9am 24
 All Things Considered 4pm-6.30pm 8


March 6

Morning  Edition 6am-9am7am-9am



 All Things Considered 4pm-6.30pm 5


March 7

 Morning Edition  6am-9am7am-9am 25
All Things Considered 4pm-6.30pm 0


March 8

 Weekend Edition Saturday 8am-11am  0
 Car Talk & Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me 11am-1pm 7


March 10

 Morning Edition 6am-9am7am-9am  25
 All Things Considered 4pm-6.30pm 3


March 11

 Morning Edition 6am-9am7am-9am  26

To volunteer, email Joyce at joyce@nepr.net and let him know which shifts you want to sign up for!